Peter ten Haaft

Peter ten Haaft – Baspth

Muzikale voorkeuren:
A few old time favourites, still loved to be played:
The Green Manalishi – Judas Priest (Fleetwood Mac)
Genghis Khan – Iron Maiden
2112 – Rush
Detroit Rock City – Kiss
The Phantom of the Opera – Iron Maiden
La Villa Strangiato- Rush
Bark at the Moon – Ozzy
Battle Hymn – Manowar

Door wie geinspireerd:
John Entwistle, R.I.P.
Jeff Berlin
Geddy Lee
Steve Harris
Wilco “Turu” Leerdam (?!)

Favoriete uitspraak:

Started playing Bass in the late 70’s (of the last century, indeed) in high school in the combo of the inevitable school gospel choir.
Meanwhile a school band was formed, playing contemporary rock covers. Quite an ambitious start for a beginning bass player to chew
on Rush’ The Trees.

During BSc courses, TNT was joined as the 18 year old Benjamin of band. This was an era where professional musical attitude
and experience were gratefully absorbed, laying a basis for a long enjoyed musical career (which career and joy still last btw).
Some of the old time favourites still last (e.g. “The Green Manalishi”, in the Judas Priest version).

Shortly after TNT ceased, military service was completed. During this 14 month period, there was ample time to make music…
but hardly any opportunity. However, together with local (Delft) guitar hero Peter van Heijningen
(currently performing in “Peter Wolf Sheepskin”) and others, the band “Enforcer” was initiated.
Enforcer played Iron Maiden covers as well as their own work, most of it conceived by PvH.

After this band, a couple of years of silence followed. Buying an 100 year old house, getting married, making babies,
and a scientific career demand that sacrifices have to made (-:

However, the silence wouldn’t take long. In the mid 90’s some “old” acquaintances joined to enjoy their musical passion:
playing old school rock from the late 70’s and early 80’s (e.g. Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden).
This group designated “Berserker” went on for a couple of years while emphasis was merely on the fun part.

Ultimately, in 2001, three members of Berserker (drums, guitar and bass) teamed up with two novices: a guitar player and a lead singer.
This initiated the Dutch Iron Maiden tribute band “Ancient Mariners”. The band enjoyed her greatest triumph on 26-07-2002
on the main stage on prime time at the rock night of the Benátská Noc festival in Malá Skála, Czech republic.



pth_bigPeter ten Haaft – Gear List

Bass guitars and pedals:
– 76′ Gibson Thunderbird – Customized: Schaller tail piece, red.
– 76′ Gibson Thunderbird – Customized: gold hardware, Schaller tail piece, white, fretless
– Richwood 57′ (i.e. revival) Precision Bass, Lake Placid Sparkle Blue – Customized: BadAss tailpiece,
Seymour Duncan Vintage P pick-ups.
– Kramer Alu neck – Customized: Gotoh tremolo (Sting of the Bumblebee)-:
– Dean 8 string
– Samick Acoustic Bass
– Crumar 1.5 octave custom midi pedal
– AKG SB80 transmitter

– Hammond M101 (also born in 1964)
– Yamaha SK30

Preamp rig: 4 units rack comprising:
– AKG SB80 receiver of wireless system
– Boss TU-50rack tuner
– EMU Vintage Keys (driven by the 1.5 octave pedal, nice for screaming Hammonds and Mellotron Viking choirs)
– BBE 383 bass preamp, facilitates the BBE phase compensation effect which restores definition and allows the bass
to cut through at half power (or blast away everything at full power).
– Behringer Ultralink Pro rack mixer, mixes the BBE (mono or biamp) with the stereo EMU,
also facilitates balanced direct-outs to mixing console.

Modular amp rigs:
– 6 units rack comprising:
– Behringer MDX 1200 stereo compressor
– Sound Tech 2x 16 band equalizer
– Custom Quad Biamp 200 + 400 Watt (everlasting)

– Ampeg SVT350H amp

– Custom Valve Amp comprising Ampeg SVT valve preamp and 6x EL 34 (Philips NOS) Hiwatt poweramp

– Ampeg SVT810E Classic (needs no comments)
– Custom cabinet (everlasting, best definition ever perceived thanks to the 10M
comprising 18″ Fane Crescendo, 10″Fane Studio 10M and RCF TW101 driver on H3709 horn

Wish I still had:
– The ’76 Ibanez Rickenbacker imitation
– The Moog Taurus II (never experienced anything fatter and lower; however, I hardly dared to put it on stage)

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